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  1. Fop is white

    Hi after I update freepbx to the fop sto work and is white. any ideas ?
  2. Hello Greek People and others

    Greek prompts Hi there I use the files that you send me and the prompts are in English Only few anounsments are Greek and they are of your company. You have any documentation or I do something wrong. Thanks any way
  3. Hello Greek People and others

    the ftp server isn't work
  4. Greek Sound prompts for elastix

    Hi can you send me the Greek prompts? Thank's :woohoo:
  5. iax2 extensions not registering

    Did you find sollution I have the same problem with you!! Even localy I can't register iax extansion or iax trunk :S
  6. no recording after transfer

    I notise that after the transfer the recording is no where. Example A call is comming via IVR to the operator 200 and the operator transfer the call to 202. The recording exists only with the operator, the final destination does not have recording. Any IDEA please?

    B) If I understaind good you want one or another number go straight to the disa, without pressing pin etc. Right? 1. make a Disa without pin and confirmations 2. make an inbound route and [ here is the trick] in the caller id number put the number, exactly, as it is apears in the root...
  8. System stop working

    Hi my elastix PBX is working fine, it's updated with the 1.5.2-2 elastix and frePBX every thing OK~! But after 4 days , good qorking the system stop responding. I make a ping first and no response, so I make reset and work for another 4 days. How can I find the problem that...
  9. Very poor voice quality

    I have the same problem with you. The pstn lines are ok, because they are good from provider and bring 60volts, if you meter them. In 2 FCT Mobile terminals I have this problem and I make rxgain=2 txgain=9 [ you can make tests with these 2 values] and now they can hear me . The location is...
  10. Elastix SugarCrm 4.5.0d upgrade to 5.2.0c issues

    Hi Please tell us how you manage to begin the installation of the new version?
  11. Upgrade procedure to Sugar_CRM Version 5.1.0a

    Hi I have the same problem with you from the upgrade wizard I try to upload the new version zip file but it does not going forward, to begin the upgrade. What is the trick? Any one know? Thank's
  12. GUI interface

    after a succesfull installation I can;t see the gui interface. my net card is ok , because I am able to ping everythink and I am trying to access the server with both Firefox - IE