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  1. Music on Call Waiting

    Any luck with this, HM?
  2. Call flow control

    Thanks for the update, CFApress.
  3. How to set the IVR and unable to see Digital Receptionist

    Thanks for the tip, Bainwave.
  4. Try out the new Elastix 2.5/4 to 5 converter tool

    Thanks for sharing the link, admin.
  5. New Community Forum Software

    Hi, Danard. How can you make a fresh sync from the old forum?
  6. Remove passwords from config file?

    I didn't notice that Elastix has an Idea board. Thanks, AJP.
  7. GSM410P

    Thanks for the info, Nick. I appreciate it.
  8. Call forwarding on Yealink T21 not working

    Thanks for the help, Yeison.
  9. Skype for Business and Elastix

    Sounds great! Thanks for the info.
  10. Openvox A1200P

    Thanks for the info, AJP. Will look further into the guide you attached.