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  1. Problem with Elastix 2.3 configuring Digium TE420

    Hi After 1 month installing all versions of dahdi. Checking with loopback, etc... The card was the problem. I have request Digium to change it, because it has 5 years warranty. The tell me to do that: ... o-I-use-it...
  2. Problem with Elastix 2.3 configuring Digium TE420

    Hi I'm trying to configure a Digium TE420 on a elastix 2.3. I have try to install dahdi 2.5 and 2.6 but non of them works for me. The problem is that the spans show to be OK but is not connected This is an example of the status with first span connected to the provider. CLI> dahdi show...
  3. Changing PRI DAHDI hangup cause message

    Hi. I would like to know how could I change the messages the caller hear when a outgoing call has a hangup error, for example for user busy, number does not exist etc.. Does anyone has change it? Thanks Pablo
  4. Autodialer Application with AMI

    Hi everyone, I am using AMIConnector for autodial from my .NET applications. Asterisk manager receive the order to call from SIP client (SIP/XXXX) to an external phone number. I use the default outbound call context, and it works. The problem i have is that the extension has the recording...
  5. Migration from 1.3 to 1.5 (out calling fail)

    Thank you I have solve the problem. My PRI has only 20 channel. I have change the outbound trunk to ZAP/g0 and I have limited it to 20 channel and now everything is working fine. THX
  6. Migration from 1.3 to 1.5 (out calling fail)

    Hi, I was trying the elastix v1.3 and everything was fine. I have install the new version. But now i have problems to do external calls. Y have a digium TE200P. The system recognize the card. I can call a DID and the call is driven to my SIP client. The problem is that every time i try to...