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  1. Nota a la comunidad Elastix

    I'm Going back to using pure Asterisk and FreePbx,
  2. Call Recording On demand *1 , Not showing on Calls Recording

    Hi, Can someone help me with this, I have Elastix 2.5 everything up to date, When i automatic record calls it shows on Calls Recordings module, But when we record calls on demand it does not show on the Calls Recordings modules, the way to downloads the audio is by using winscp. :roll: thx :wink:
  3. Need help with system! My vendor dumped us!!

    HI, Do you have access to the server WEB GUI?
  4. create GUI user with console

    Hi, I have the same problem did you solve it?
  5. Endpoint Configuration does not seem to be working

    Re: Re:Endpoint Configuration does not seem to be working Hi my GXP1400 Does not appear on the dropdown List What can i do thanks
  6. Marcado manual en el modulo Call Center Outbound

    Hola mcpato, Pudiste solucionar tengo la misma pregunta.
  7. Sin Audio Extensiones Remotas

    Hola arusnet, Tengo el mismo problema y cuando en "network y en host" le pongo la ip publicame funcionan bien las Ext externas pero las troncales SIP dejan de funcionar, Si me puedes ayudar te lo agradeseria... Gracias...
  8. Validation Error

    Hi did you solve the problem?

    Hi, I'm new in using Elastix and Need some help on how to Configure a WCT1/0 "Digium Wildcard TE110P T1/E1 Card to a Panasonic PBX i have been looking everywhere and i can't find and answer, This is what the Panasonic has: Frame Sequence : PCM30 Line Cording : HDB3 Channel Type : DR2...
  10. Setup Elastix 2.0.2 with Panasonic

    Hi All. I'm setting up a Panasonic with a Elastix server 2.0.2 i have install a digium wildcard TE110P and a E1 Card on the Panasonic PBX but can't seem to setup the TE110P to work with Signaling = em or em_e1 Can some give some tips? Thanks
  11. Configure Panasonic and Elastix

    hi i wonder if you still have the same problem?
  12. conectar panasonic y asterisk

    Hola queria saber como estaban con este problema? Y como lo solucionaron? Gracias