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  1. Adding prefix to incoming number

    Hello, We have several sip trunks for incoming calls. We use prefix to dial outbound calls (eg 9|. for using sip lines from specific provider) When we miss a call we see on our phones : 33xxxxxxxx 33 is prefix for france we would like to add to this CID the prefix with : inbound...
  2. OpenSER sip proxy

    Hello again, It would be great also to offer the ability to use either asterisk or OpenSer for sip proxy, I know it's a very hard work but this would offer even more flexibilty to elastix Have a nice day,
  3. More flexible configuration

    Hello, We are using elastix and we thought it's a great product. But we loved to see more flexibility to integrate elastix in our network. - during install the ability to install or not optionnal modules, like mail or extras - we would like to have the ability to use a different smtp...