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  1. Install Elastix 4 on VMware not going

    Hi, I'm trying to install Elastix-4.0.76-Stable on VMware, but it is stopped in this step ! Image is attached. any idea ?
  2. Roomx module failure

    no, I use elastix 2.5 anyway I have downloaded the missing package and Roomx worked well. Thanks.
  3. Roomx module failure

    I have a problem in Roomx hotel module, all tabs are working well except the "Company Report" and "Booking" tabs, they give blank screen. after checking the SSL log, I found this error: [Tue Apr 05 11:24:11 2016] [error] [client] PHP Warning...
  4. Queue Login/Logout monitor

    hi, How can I monitor the queue dynamic agents ? I need to know in which time the agent made Login or Logout . Please help.
  5. Cant Login Server 2.5

    check the server Mysql database.
  6. Identify attack source

    In Elastix log I found too many records like: Is there an Asterisk variable contains the attacker user agent (software used to send the call ) to display it using Noop() ?
  7. correct time on ip phones

    try to install NTP server
  8. Extensions random auto answer calls

    more details?
  9. Caller Id on call pickup

    you can use something like Vtiger crm with pop-up window feature.
  10. How to register extensions on Elastix 3.0 RC1

    I have the same problem, extension can't register!
  11. simple request and not sure if i need billing server

  12. add new vendor

    is there a way to add new vendor MAC address range in Elastix endpoint_configurator ?
  13. Elastix 3 SIP trunk

    I made qualify=yes but the same problem. also i have another old elastix boxes and working well behind the same NAT router. attached sip peers.
  14. Elastix 3 SIP trunk

    screen shot attached
  15. Elastix 3 SIP trunk

    I have installed Elastix 3 with multi-tenant option but i can't make outbound calls from SIP trunk even it is registered !, call gives busy. configuration as shown: -asterisk log: please help