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  1. asterisk-ices.xml

    It seems this is not included with this package of asterisk. Where it is with all other implentations (Trixbox, Paridise, etc). Is there a reason the developers left out this plugin?
  2. Stream incoming call to website

    I have found a few topics using google, on streaming a incoming call to website, but nothing with any real answers. Here is what I am looking to do. I want to be able to call into the asterisk box, dial an extension, and then have my one-way audio be broadcast live (or semi-live - small...
  3. Yum File

    The problem is we dont have the Yum file from the 8.4 iso, as we have installed each package directly onto Centos 5. The yum file we have is the default one from our Centos5 install. We need the one that is used in the ISO, so that it points to all the correct Repos. BTW, I am not from...
  4. Yum File

    Would someone running a current verison care to post their Yum file, so I dont have to install the iso just to see this. We are working on a package installer for elastix, but so that upgrades work, we need to mirror the yum file used in the iso. :-)
  5. Install elastix on Centos Server

    We are looking at taking the current .8.3 stable release making a package installer that will designed to go over a CentOS 5 (LAMP) install. Will update after we review all the rpms, and setting up the shell script. For anyone else wanting to look at this. Here are the current RPMs from...
  6. VPS

    We are actually looking on moving to Xen with our next round of boxes, but we already have the Virtuozzo licenses, and since we cant get them refunded, its a shame to let them goto waste. :-)
  7. VPS

    Since there is no way to install an iso on a VPS, has anyone developed an package installer that we can use on a VPS. If someone wants to work on the installer, I would be willing to provide the Virtuozzo Image for others to use. We currently sell Trixbox on our vpses, but would rather...