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  1. Elastix with BT Feature line

    Does anybody have any experience of this? How does the line come into the building eg is it using 3 pair? so if you had a TDM400, I take it a feature line would use 3 ports? Is there any special config for this also? Any pointers would be appreciated. Louis
  2. Asterisk, Exchange 2010 UM, MWI

    i'd certainly be interested in that. i haven't installed the um side of exchange yet but plan to within the next month or so.
  3. Eicon Diva Pro Server BRI V2

    ummmm, just did a yum update and elastix decided it should start with the latest *xen kernel. this threw everything out for me and my dahdi & capi refused to go. sym links were broken. a simple edit of grub to start up with the el5 kernel and everything was back on track. you may want to...
  4. Eicon Diva Pro Server BRI V2

    it's running with the latest version of elastix although to be fair, it wasn't originally installed with the latest version as i've run plenty of yum updates. the card is a diva pro server 4bri (8m - i think) it was that long ago but i remember: 1. running diva config x 4 for each board...
  5. Eicon Diva Pro Server BRI V2

    no, you will not see the card in elastix. you will see it in the cli. you will see it in the statup etc can you see it in http://localhost:10005? all the instructions to get it installed are in this thread. you must run the config and get chan capi up and running. check the permissions...
  6. Elastix for Alix / Embedded systems?

    for a SOHO then it would probably be ideal due to it's very low power consumption. it's certainly interesting and may be better than any similary aimed offering. if you continue with it, let me know how you get on. louis
  7. Elastix for Alix / Embedded systems?

    i run alix's with pfsense and industrial compact flash. elastix on it? can they handle it with 256mb ram? certainly interesting..... purely voip or interfaced with an ata?
  8. Eicon Diva Pro Server BRI V2

    i can confirm that i have one of these cards working in production accepting 400+ calls a day. very reliable card. installed on 1.5.2-2.3 using the divalogic drivers and the latest chan-capi. this thread will allow you to install but you have to read the various posts and alter the...
  9. Can you get Aastra scripts to run?

    don't think it works that way. when i used aastra xml scripts, you configure the global config file. when you plug your aastra phone in (or reset), the phone comes up and asks you for an extension number and password, the mac file is created then and the phone reboots and grabs the new the...
  10. Yum upgrade from 1.3.2 to 1.5.2. Good idea?

    lol dicko. what a cracking answer! definetely mondo it first. not sure about mondo? it simply works! nuked things plenty of times in testing. you can have faith in this program. as for the itchy trigger finger...... i suppose we've all got it. plan it beforehand and do it on a weekend as said...
  11. Best phones for office use.

    aastra without a doubt. easy to setup and now even easier with xml scripts. various phones for various budgets but the 57i is a cracking phone.
  12. UK - euro isdn - caller id / clip

    anybody got isdn caller id or clip working? i'm running an eicon diva 4bri and have clip enabled on the line but can't get incoming numbers presented to our aastra handsets or elastix. callingpres=yes is in my global capi.conf cheers louis
  13. is it possible to have trunks per user/group?

    is it possible to have trunk preferences by user/group? for instance: 2 x companies in 1 building who need to communicate but want isdn1 (in & out) is routed to company 1 (phones 1-20) isdn2 (in & out) is routed to company 2 (phones 21-40) i would imagine the above is implemented with...
  14. upgrade from 1.3-2 to current

    and its the easiest thing to do using mondo. i've tested modo numerous times on test machines and it works flawlessly using the "nuke" option.
  15. securing the system?

    no, you are misunderstanding. my firewall will only allow gradwell ip's to access the elastix box on the lan so only sip and the rtp range can hit the elastix box from gradwell. outgoing is exactly the same with voip ports only allowed to connect to my voip providers. any mobile users use vpn.