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  1. VMWare Version passwords

    Answering my own question. I also updated it in the documentation area. To access the Web interface the VM-Ware Linux Prompt: * Username: admin * Password: palosanto The others are on the documentation page
  2. VMWare Version passwords

    Hello Just testing out the VmWare Version of the software. I installed it but I cant find the default login for the 1. system 2. The Elastix 3. The database server 4. Or any others Where are they located. The site should make it a bit easier to find Thanks R
  3. zap trunks not showing in 0.9

    Just wanted to add. I had the same issue as this forum. I am not sure if it was a combo of both or what but I did the changes mentioned by saleh. At that point it did not change. I almost did not even try the simple solution of: After I did this it showed up. So this is a critical step. I...
  4. Avantfax 3

    I use avantfax, with elastix modem setup it is a snap to install and works great! 2 Questions 1. Last time I update my elastix it broke my avantfax install is there a way so the the fax part wont take over on updates the avantfax? 2. I would like to put Avantfax as a module on the Extras...
  5. An aesthetic Problem!

    I have been using Firefox for years. That is not it. Elastix was fine for months. It just suddenly happened after and update or something and never went away. I have seen things like this before but usually go away after you clear the browser cache and reload the page. But I am using...
  6. An aesthetic Problem!

    I was just wondering. For some reason on my elastix toolbars the grey area where the words such as System Resources has 4 lines running through the middle of them. Same for the buttons such as "Submit", it has a line running though the middle of it. It is not effecting performance but it...
  7. Can this be Fixed: symlink error

    After every update this symlink error thing comes back. IT has done it for several updates. Below is the link to fix it. But I was hoping that the source could be fixed as this problem keeps coming back! The last update I did was almost unsalvageable as I overwrote the wrong file by mistake...
  8. FIXED - yum update error - Header is not complete

    Re:FIXED - yum update error - Header is not comple I have similar problems after the update and it almost took me out of commission. This symlink thing and the re-adding the extensions is a pain. Every update this has happened to me also!
  9. IS this Question Too Hard? Template Email!

    Thanks I would like to see that to see if it is a good idea or too much work? Thanks again, ill await your post! Thanks, i thought embedded help was only when you hovered over an object. I never clicked the "?" But to let you know that section on Template email is entirely in Spanish and...
  10. IS this Question Too Hard? Template Email!

    Ok i asked this question which seem to be simple. What is the Template Fax for. After looking at it I can only assume this is the template for the email the fax system sends when a fax is received and delivered? Is this correct? Also is there a way to use email to send a fax through the...
  11. Restrict extensions by call type

    Where do you find the custom context module? Never heard of it!
  12. Adding a package to the repository - iSymphony

    I too like Isymphony it works great once configured. Much better than HUDlite as they allow at least 5 users before they try to make you pay for it. Last I knew anyway. And Eham thanks for the Webmin Hylafax. I installed it and it helped me change a few setting I was having problems with!
  13. IS this Question Too Hard? Template Email!

    Template Email what does this do? I am really trying to hone down the fax system. I really like it. I am not sure and can find no documentation on what the "Template Email" function does. Is this for sending out faxes by email or for receiving them. I played with it but have no idea its...
  14. Whats the Deal with Elastix

    I will chime in. I have been a Trixbox user for a few years. I really liked it and I learned alot from it, but I hated some things about it. I stumbled on elastix by mistake really, installed it and I love the interface. I have to say it was a bit buggy and if I had no experience with it I...
  15. Vmx Locator setup

    There is ARI in elastix. You can find it by unembedding FreePBX and click on recordings or by typing http://yourip/recordings/ Its a bit hard to find?