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  1. Custom message for inbound call

    I want to play a custom message (some announcement) for calls coming inbound through a SIP trunk. i also have a ZAP trunk but i want the message to play only to calls coming from SIP trunk. is it possible? if so, how to do it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Vioicemail to Email

    Please find the configuration details in the attached screenshot.
  3. Vioicemail to Email

    I want to sent voice mail to Email-Id. I enabled this option but i am getting "An error has occured message" after leaving a message. Please let me know how to implement this. Please find the attached screenshot
  4. ?menu=pbxconfig en blanco

    i don't know spanish. can somebody translate the conversation to english as i am also facing the same problem of extensions menu blanking out.
  5. Call snooping

    Can any one explain me how to implement "Call snooping" feature in our Elastix. Thanks, Kranti
  6. Return value from shell script to dialplan

    I am calling one shell script file from my dial plan and I need one or more values from shell script in my dial plan to read it out to the caller. Please suggest If settings a environment variable in shell and accessing it from dial plan will work? How to achieve this functionality... Any...
  7. Call details to the database after call completes

    I need to write call details to the database after call completes. Can anybody suggest how to do this?
  8. How to take Image of Elastix system

    Hi danard, I didn't understood what you said. Can you please explain how to imaging Thanks
  9. How to take Image of Elastix system

    I heard that Norton ghost is for Window Imaging. I need elastix (centOS) system image.
  10. Run java program after finishing the call

    Hi, I need to run one java program after finishing call which needs to write the call details into the database. Could you please tell me how to do this? Thanks,
  11. How to take Image of Elastix system

    Hi, We configured some extensions and etc in the elastix system. We need the same kind of configuration in many systems. Can anybody suggest that how to take the image of the system into CD? Thanks,
  12. How to change Elastix password

    Can anybody knows how to elastix admin password?
  13. SIP phones are not registering with Elastix

    Hi Danard, We downloaded 1.3 and made a CD of it and installed. Now it is working fine. Thanks for you help. In future we may requires your help to configure elastix.
  14. SIP phones are not registering with Elastix

    Please find the image
  15. SIP phones are not registering with Elastix

    We selected "Elastix RPM repository for CentOS" and we selected 'Accept' button. Please find the attached image.......