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  1. How to determine current version

    I have this same question. Have either of you figured this out?
  2. Elastix 2.0

    Poking around 2.0 RC2 right now. Things look pretty good. The web interface seems much improved, especially the "Control Panel" which replaces FOP. I'm very excited to try out the online meeting addon, but the install of that has now been running for ~10 minutes, so I suspect it's failing...
  3. Voicemail error on specific call path

    ::Sorry for the previous blank post...for some reason it submitted blank and edits don't stick:: I guess being lazy about case sensitivity on a system that is generally case sensitive was probably a bad idea on my part. Thanks very much dicko. Also, the guys at FreePBX actually tried a...
  4. Caller ID Superfecta 2.2.2 released

    Patrick_elx, do you know if/when a source will be added for vtiger? Or would a person just use the generic MySQL source in this situation? It looks like Elastix 2.0 will be ditching SugarCRM completely in favor of vtiger.
  5. Voicemail error on specific call path

    I already got a response from Philippe on the FreePBX forums, and he's essentially saying it's a 2.5 bug that's been fixed in 2.6, and I should look at my options for upgrading. I've seen people mention doing their yum updates with something like "exclude=freepbx.noarch" to avoid reverting to...
  6. Voicemail error on specific call path

    Setup: elastix 1.6.2-1, freePBX Full yum update this week. Problem: When a call is transferred to an unavailable user who has VmX Locator enabled and goes to voicemail, the caller hears the outgoing voicemail message, then when recording should begin, they get an error saying "I'm...
  7. Google Summer of Code: List of Ideas for Elastix

    In my opinion, what Elastix needs the most is quicker updates to the software it is built on. Specifically, SugarCRM and FreePBX are stuck on very old versions.
  8. vmret as destination in the CDR report

    I've also seen a few calls ending up at "vmret". My Google-fu is proving weak, and this is the only result for a forum search for "vmret". Can anyone clue us in as to what this destination is and why people might be landing there?
  9. elastix conferences vs. FreePBX conferences

    I think I've partially solved this problem, so I'm posting what I've learned in case it might help someone else. Another post here led me to check out chapter 19: Conference of the book Elastix Without Tears. Apparently, the problem I was facing is somewhat by design. When you choose PBX =>...
  10. Updating Elastix

    It was recommended to me that I just do a "yum update" to go from 1.5.2 to 1.6. However, I had modified every default password I could find on the system, and some of them were reverted to their defaults after the update. Also, it seems the directory where backups are stored has changed from...
  11. elastix conferences vs. FreePBX conferences

    I have an elastix system that has been set up and working well for ~20 extensions, local and remote. Most phones are either Linksys SPA942s or Polycom 501s. One problem I haven't been able to overcome is that I cannot get the temporary conferences created by elastix to work. I have three...
  12. How to best secure Elastix on web server

    It seems most/everyone is saying "change all default passwords", which is what I did. Since then, I've had at least one "yum update" cause some passwords to be reverted to defaults. Are some of the passwords irrelevant since their use is limited to being accessed from localhost? I'm willing to...
  13. Scheduling Backups

    I'm almost certain the problem is that elastix must have changed the location of backups in 1.6. Previously, backups were stored in /var/www/html/backup/, which is where this script puts them. After upgrading, I noticed my backups weren't showing in the web interface. I created a backup from...
  14. Latest SugarCRM data source kills CID Superfecta?

    patrick_elx solved the problem on the PiaF boards: Apparently the new version has a "Filter Length" option that must be set before it will work properly. Thanks patrick_elx!
  15. Latest SugarCRM data source kills CID Superfecta?

    To copy my post in the PBX in a Flash forums: