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  1. haamed new site about Elastix...

    Hi all, You can find new website about ELastix PBX, It's name is We Release new kind of ELastix's ISO on it, something like: - ELastix Mini = Elastix + Webmin + 5 Colorfull themes + custom menu - Elastix CallCenter = Elastix + Webmin + 5 Colorfull themes + CallCenter...
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    RoomX Module.

    Hi, Frank good job and thanks for your great job, I installed the last version and i am testing this module, It is so useful and necessary. I will translate it to Persian, so will send you :lol: :kiss:
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    Play Agent Number befor Conection

    Hi, I want to play Agent Number to caller before connect caller to Agent. who can help me?
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    Why this Way???

    I agree with Frank. but why we can't buy PDF version ?! may be they want to get it free, but i thing they should sell it. i wrote a book about Elastix "Elastix in Persian" it is free now and any body can download from Elastix's Documents part, it take about 1 year to write it, but i am not...
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    call reporting software

    I think some thing like HUD is necessary for Elastix, is any one know some thing like that?
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    I want to install KDE environment on Elastix2.0.0

    It has no problem with Elastix, you can run it when ever you want, but don't run it by default on Elastix, it will waist the resources :)
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    version 1.6 is very stable

    I am agree with you, Elastix 1.6 is so stable. I hope The Elastix's team working more on stability instead of new features. All the communities should help ;)
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    Which version of elastix to download?

    I love Elastix 1.6 it is really stable. I think the 2.x version will be better in the future .
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    Hotel with 1000 rooms projects just finished

    HI Danard, That is a great job, good luck.
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    Calling card - success

    Hi itjumper, What is your calling card program? How many simultaneous calls do you have now?
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    Call Center in the Philippines

    nice experience,
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    How install callcenter from Linux command prompt?

    Hi all, How can i install Callcenter module from linux command prompt?
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    Get call from trunk and sent it to another trunk ?

    you are right. but when i use from-internal for context, i can,t send call to another pbx. in this case "from-internal" i should make a trunk and outbound route too ?
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    Get call from trunk and sent it to another trunk ?

    Hi all. i have sangoma a102 (2 port pri link) this is my scenario: pri 1 is connected to telecom and it is working. pri 2 is connect to another pbx and it is working (i can sent call and get call). now i want the anothe pbx can call out from pri1 (telecom). when old pbx send me the call...
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    Disconnect calls after about 10-15 min

    Hi all. my calls on Elastix 1.6 & a2billing 1.7 disconnected after about 10-15 minutes. i install the same applications on another server with another provider ! but i have the same problem.. can i know what is the disconnect reason? where should i check it? thanks a lot