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  1. Anonymous calls

    Thanks a lot for that. Thats all it was Block ANC ( Anonymous caller ). Why can't they just call it Block Anonymous Call instead of ANC :unsure:
  2. Anonymous calls

    Hi, Thanks for that. The phone is a Linksys SPA942 i have 3 extensions setup on it from elastix. Looked through all the settings on the phone can't find anything. In the phone call log it doesn't get the anonymous calls at all. No privacy manager configured I followed the Elastix...
  3. Anonymous calls

    Hi guys, Had my elastix server running for a few months now, i've noticed a few anonymous calls in the logs that have gone to a destination but never got the voice mail. Most likely telemarketers. So i thought i'd double check it, i have anonymous calls enabled in general settings. I...
  4. Relaying of voicemail

    Sorted, i changed relay = smtp:[]
  5. Relaying of voicemail

    Hi, fairly new at this. I have configured elastix working ok, ivr configured only issue is the voicemails getting emailed. I can get the emails going to my isp account however i would like them to my local domain. Running Exchange, and Mailscanner. I would like to forward the emails to...