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  1. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    If I added telephone number into an old campaign and change the status of old campaign from "T" to "A", dialer can dial new added telephone number for this old campaign. If I create a new campaign, dialer don't work. In campaign of mysql, all are the same except id. Anyone know where I should...
  2. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    Should I login the queue 7002 by dialing 7002* before using any agent no.? Frankie
  3. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    Furthermore, how can I manually make a outbound call through elastixdialer in order to debug it? Frankie
  4. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    Dear Villacis, Since Elastix1.1alpha2 caused kernel panic to my system 2 times, I downgraded it to Elastix 1.0-1 with call center module 1.0. (call center module 1.1 couldn't be installed into Elastix 1.1, right?) After downgraded, I followed your instruction by separating agents and queues...
  5. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    Dear Villacis, Thank you very much for your information. It is my mistake before try call center module. After changed the agent no. from 3002 to A3002. Inbound test is successful. However, outbound still not work. Any other point that I should pay attention? Furthermore, I notice that...
  6. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    Dear Villacis, Please also take a look to my queues_additonal.conf and agents.conf queues_addtional.conf: [7002] announce-frequency=15 periodic-announce-frequency=0 queue-callswaiting=queue-callswaiting queue-thankyou=queue-thankyou queue-thereare=queue-thereare...
  7. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    After changed all as your suggestion, the result was similar to before. The following information are logged after agent login: Dialerd.log: no hay agentes libres ni a punto de desocuparse! 2008/06/04 00:00 : (DialerProcess) DEBUG: estado actual de llamadas esperadas => Array (...
  8. Help for call center module

    All were created except breaks before test. Is it the root cause?
  9. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    First of all, billion thanks for your help. My Elastix version is 1.1 (Alpha2) with call_center_1.0-2.tar.gz. The following information were logged after I enabled debug of dialer process together with asterisk and mysql. Thank you. dialerd.log: 2008/06/03 13:00 : (DialerProcess) ERR: no...
  10. Help for call center module

    I have setup extensions and queue in elastix only before try the call center module. Is there any setup that call center need? Is there anyone experienced in call center module? Any other suggestion? I confess that the call center module is the only interesting point that let me try elastix...
  11. Help for call center module

    It seems no one can support anything related to call center module in this forum. Will the paid official support answer any question about call center module? Frankie
  12. Call center working? ANYONE?

    I have just installed Elastix 1.1 Alpha2 with call center module 1.02, I noticed that an error "Query Error SELECT extension FROM acl_user WHERE name='admin'" in Agent console page. Also both inbound and outbound don't work. Anyone can help me? Frankie
  13. Questions about elastixdialer of call center

    After login call center agent, elastixdialer can't automatically make calls. I check the follows: 1. Call list was uploaded to the table calls in mysql 2. Daemon of elastixdialer was started before login 3. Queue in outbound Campaigns was set. Questions 1. Is there any procedure that...
  14. 2 sec delay when transfering outside calls

    It should be the time until the call is placed. Similar case to me when make call outside through FXO. Frankie
  15. Something about call_center module

    Can it work under Elastix-1.0-1-28? I notice that it is for Elastix 1.1. Frankie