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  1. restarting openfire every morning

    I had the same issue and found this post that fixed my issues: ... mitstart=0 (If the link doesn't work, search the forums for "openfire memory") Thanks, Greg Harris
  2. Custom Install CD Not Working

    Oh the stories the keyboards could tell... Glad it's working though!
  3. Openfire, X-Lite & SIP Chat services

    I have configured Openfire and have registrations working great with XMPP/Jabber registrations. However, it appears that X-Lite uses the SIP/SIMPLE protocol for chats. I can hit the test button in the SIP setup for the plugin in Openfire and it works great. However, I can not send messages...
  4. Video Support - Can't get it to work

    Shouldn't this stuff be added to sip_general_custom.conf? When I read that file name, I expect that FreePBX would leave everything alone in that file and not replace it on upgrade. Am I off in this thinking?
  5. Custom Install CD Not Working

    Just a random guess here, but your example uses a full path for the createrepo line on the cd1, (~/build/c5disc1), but you are using a local directory and including the trailing slash, (cd1/). Is it putting things in a different directory than it is expecting?
  6. I found: Flip1405 - The Failover Asterisk Solution

    Tom, I am very interested in seeing what you find. Replication seems like it should be a basic part of PBX stuff, and yet it seems like it is less than an afterthought. Thanks for the link and pointer. Thanks, Greg Harris
  7. Community Suggestions

    On the changelog.txt line of discussion I would like to make a suggestion. It would seem that the changelog.txt file on the website should be the same file that is included with the latest ISO. That would mean that there are at least two different changelog.txt files linked on the site. The...
  8. Problem with update 1.1-7

    Keep trying, at some point it will suddenly work. I noticed this issue too and also had a security certificate issue that suddenly went away also. It took a few tries though. I didn't do any troubleshooting, but the Elastix guys might want to look at their mirror logs.
  9. High-Availability cluster with Heartbeat/DRBD

    ramoncio, Awesome job on the scripts. They look clean and simple to implement. Are they working with the 1.1 ISO files still? Also did you get the fax and e-mail bugs worked out? I would love to get a copy if it is still working. Also, just a couple of minor suggestions. First off...