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  1. Update

    After further investigation it seems that kernel 2.6.18 has SMP and UP capabilities without having a separate kernel. I hve not found a way to force UP yet, maybe some could advise. Not quite sure at the moment what this means to mISDN as its stated that its not compatible with SMP. Gadge
  2. Elastix 0.8.5b Kernel

    Does anyone know the build of the 2.6.18 kernel in 0.8.5b. For example:- is the timing set to 1000 or 250 Does it include the driver for the AVM frirz card ? Gadge
  3. 0.8.5b / mISDN / Aastra 55i

    I have a strange problem that is driving me nuts. I am using Elastix 0.8.5b with a Digium B410p ISDN card with the mISDN drivers. I have the everything working however the voice quality presented to the internal sip handset user when the call is to a PSTN connection is poor. The quality...