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  1. Call Monitoring

    That was a bug in Elastix now fixed. At your linux box, sign in, and then type: yum -y update Latest patch will be downloaded and problem will be fixed.
  2. First outbound trunk problems

    For your Outbound route let us have a look what you put in there. Are you dialling a mobile number or local number etc. Are you dialling out with PSTN line or VOip?
  3. Elastix without Tears

    Hi Ben, I built my whole system from scratch by following your bible. It's fantastic. Well done. If this was a university paper you would now be Dr Ben Sharif. It's a good thesis. Tomorrow I will Paypal you $50. Cheers,
  4. do you have to upgrade freepbx?

    Hi. It has been mentioned in the past that one should not update their freepbx. There's significant risk in breaking your system (things stop working etc). The safest way to keep up to date is the use the command yum -y update.
  5. How to upgrade from 1.0-17 to v1.1 (Stable) ?

    You are keen! I think you can just log on to your Linux box. Login and password and then type: upgrade -y yum This will update your Elastix to the latest version and this command is stable. It should not break anything. It makes sense to backup your system before you upgrade though...