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  • Sorry for the multiple post, the forum doesn't accept more than 420 characters..
    Limited by 3CX yet, i guess
    However, i'll try to learn 3CX, just to know what's the difference but my heart and my mind will be for Elastix for ever.

    I hope you will regret your decision one day.
    However, IT'TEK (my futur old job) was ready to buy Elastix and keep its mind. With Asterisk....etc

    For your information, some people start a new project around a fork. (logic way).
    Today ... no way to do one. And RoomX .... it's done... end of work!
    Congrat Edgar. I hope that you sleeping well and you can looking you in a mirror. :(
    By the way, you have to think at the company which work arround Elastix (like IT'TEK) and makes some Elastix Addons.
    For your information, at the end of this years (for my birthday) I would be unemployed. I counted on this oportunity for creating a job at home making some Elastix addon.
    Next, i don't talking about the cost for each migrating, so for each client.
    Some of them could be too expensive. (Licenses and the time to learn 3CX... yes i say 3CX because it's 3CX, and not Elastix).
    I don't talking about the difference between both dialplan. You know like me that the client hate this kind of stuff (change the manner to work).
    Hi Edgar.

    Just to comment my feeling:

    You know like me that Elastix 5 is a joke.
    It doesn't work under the same engine so it's uncompatible.
    It's like migrating an OSX to Windows and keep its name (OSX).

    Then, say "Elastix is stopped, and now it's 3CX". Ok... that was better.
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