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  1. P-Asserted-Identity

    Hi, I am having a issue with P-Asserted-Identity setting up a wildcard. It works fine if I inserted the outbound full outbound geo But I want to replace the outbound geo with a wild card, so it pulls the geo of from the outbound extension CLI have tried the below scenerios what will...
  2. Someone is HACKING but CANT STOP IT

    If you have a Mikrotik router you can set up access list on your firwall nat to only allow the IP address of your VSP and any remote sites. That should help in future.
  3. will IAX work with G729?

    Did you allow g729 on the IAX trunk as well?
  4. Change g729 ptime from 20ms to 30ms

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone new the steps on this. As I have been advised by my VSP to change the ptime to 30ms. I have tried the command allow=g729:30 but after making a call and packet capture the call is still at 20ms. Thank you.
  5. Help With ISDN BRI Card

    Thank you, I have fixed it. I was trying to set it up like a normal FXO card the BRI card basicaly works with default settings in Elastix.
  6. Help With ISDN BRI Card

    Hi, I have a 4 port Wildcard B410 quad-BRI card (rev 01). Running on Elastix 2.0 32 bit. Incoming and out going calls are working fine using channel 1-2 and 4-5. with the main office number 075500100 but when I try set up the fax number 0755001010 for a incoming route it divers back to my...
  7. Remove Music For Agent In Call Center

    I fixed this by pointing the defualt musiconhold.conf file to a directory with no music in it.
  8. Dialler wont stop Dialing

    I ran some test on the mysql database and it seems to be ok. The call centre mod is about 200mb and the asterisk database is around 70mb. Still cant work out why the dialler does not realise there is someone on a call before re dialling. any help would be appreciate.
  9. Dialler wont stop Dialing

    Hi i have a issue with the dialler when there is one agent on it the dialler will keep dialing instead of waiting for the call to finish. This happens when there is multiply agents on as well. It has been running fine for over 6 months. Have not done any updates or made any changes as it was...
  10. Big Delay on Call Center Module

    Hi, Thank you for the feedback as I had the issue previously with Elastix 1.6, are you also using the latest call center Module?
  11. incoming call issue with Elastix 2.0

    I fixed the Issue. Seems Elaxtix 2.0 is a little buggy. The Asterisk Sip settings where not been updated. I ran a yum update then also update freepbx core. All seems fine. Just threw me off becasue out bound calls where fine. And I didnt think it had anything to do with the externalip= Settings.
  12. incoming call issue with Elastix 2.0

    Hi, I am having a issue with incoming calls with Elastix 2.0 Outbound calls are fine. But any call incoming will only last 10 seconds then disconnect.
  13. CDR reports for users and group permissions

    I ended up using free pbx and gave them permissions to see only the reports.
  14. how many outbound calls at once

    Yeah it is 1 for 1. More agents you have online the more calls it will make.
  15. Installing HUDLite on Elastix by this sh File

    Re:Unable to connect Hudite ? I have the same problem with only the 64 bit version of elastix. I checked to see if tcp port 6600 was set up to listen ps -aux | grep ircd netstat -a | grep 6600 Then I installed the ircd-hybrid-7.2.3-5.el5.x86_64 and set up the conf file. But that...