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  1. Howto get user.root's mail ?

    in fact ,you should only modify /etc/postfix/ , just comment out this line "mailbox_transport=cyrus",then "postfix reload". now ,you can have a test "echo aaa|mail root",and root can receive a email.
  2. add extentions batch problem

    when i add extentions with csv file,i forget to add a line in the csv with DisplayName..... and now ,i see a blank extension in my extensions, cant delete. see the image file attached how can i delete the blank extension?
  3. Digium TE212BF cant work well

    thanks for your reply i have another pci 1 port digium e1 card,it can work well.i think the telco must be normally.and i have the loopback test on Digium TE212BF (PCI-E) card,it shows good.
  4. Digium TE212BF cant work well

    env: elastix1.6 64bit Digium TE212BF (PCI-E) China i pull out the line from Digium card when the server is work well,and then insert the line,the asterisk cant synchronous,after about 5 minutes later,it can work well. in the CLI (pri show spans) i can see UP/DOWN many times. i have another...
  5. PBX monitor tab hangs no response

    i can open the monitoring page,but very slowly.
  6. PBX monitor tab hangs no response

    it is hard to manage so many monitor records,when i visit the monitoring page,the cpu is up to 100%.
  7. How to see the monitoring list for non-admin role?

    very good, i have check out,thanks
  8. Flash Operator Panel - More Extensions

  9. HUDlite server 1.4.32-1 on Elastix 1.5-1

    can it work well with custom context?
  10. Change the label of trunks in FOP

    in fact ,i change the fonts on lable smaller ,it can diaplay
  11. FOP2 replacing FOP1 in Op Panel Tab in WebGUI

    nice work! thanks
  12. Change the label of trunks in FOP

    i'm also want to known
  13. Elastix Call Recording and Renaming Files

    record? if you install elastix 1.52
  14. Extra Filter options in monitor module

    good idea,you can try astercc ,i think it is better for call center
  15. can't delete the record

    i conver the record from wav to mp3,then can't listen on web,so,i chang the files name from *.mp3 to *.wav,and can listen on web. though i select the record ,can't delete it when i click on the button "delete" . can someone can help me? thanks! my english is poor...