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  1. Adding a fixed phone / cell phone # into Elastix

    Hello I'm very new to Elastix. till now,I've succeeded in installing Elastix in aserver and set up two extensions in the same network which work fine ; I've also successfully tried a conference on the same network and it works. I have to add a fixed phone line number and a cell phone number...
  2. connecting a pstn line to Elastix ; How to ?

    Hello for receiving calls from a Pstn line , what to do and how to config ? ( hardware or any card to use ? ) Consider the office has only one Pstn phone line for inbound calls and they plan to make outbound calls via a DID numner to purchase a ITSP. regards Bidjanga
  3. activer Vtiger and Sugarcrm sur elastix 1.2.4

    Mon cher , je voulaisn activer Vtiger et SugarCrm sur mon elastix 1.2.4 mais il m'est demandé un log in et un mot de passe sur un compte qui apparait dans la fenetre Sugar. Comment faire ? par ailleurs, comment basculer l'IVR en français ? avoir les messages vocaux en français. Merci...
  4. comment faxer avec Elastix

    Merci de cette info. vraiement, Elastix c'est le miracle permanent. Bonne journée ! Bidjanga
  5. Faxing with Elastix

    Hello is faxing over elastix ? does it require a phone line ? Regards Bidjanga
  6. comment faxer avec Elastix

    Chers amis, je suis nouveau dans Elastix et je decouvre qu'on peut faxer avec Elastix ; faut-il avoir une ligne de RTC pour faxer ? ou bien c'est avec une adresse IP ? Veuillez me donner les details. Merci Bidjanga
  7. one Elastix server for remote extensions ?

    Cher Franck, Je ne fuis pas le forum en français , mais je m'arrange à participer dans les deux forums. Voici comment je fais ma recherche ; je tombe sur une solution sur le net et je fais un rapprochement avec celle qui existe deja et je vois laquelle est mieux ; je suis tombé sur le...
  8. one Elastix server for remote extensions ?

    Ok Sir , Thanks a lot ! Bidjanga:)
  9. one Elastix server for remote extensions ?

    Ok Sir , Thanks a lot ! Bidjanga
  10. one Elastix server for remote extensions ?

    Hi I would like to know if it's possible to get one elastix server for some remote extensions ( ip phones located out of the server's site ) . Let me know . Regards Bidjanga
  11. extension not ringing problem

    OK Thanks . I decided to apply port 5061 on the router and it's OK ; it's not ringing , when I dial Line2 ( # 99000 ) from Line 1 ( # 90000 ). Nown if I dial 90000 in Line 1, it's ringing in line 2 and phone sound is very perfect. And i noticed it's ringing within a LAN, without Internet ...
  12. extension not ringing problem

    all the two linksys are "online" on their config board . I noticed Extension 1 is on port 5060 while extension 2 is on port 4569.I checked from the router and everything is ok as I've mapped 4569 on the router. let le know how to config extensions and they should ring each other when we...
  13. extension not ringing problem

    Hello I have just installed Elastix 1.2 on a server and succeeded in configuring two Linksys PAPé for my two extensions . Linksys = extension 90000 ; Linksys2= extension 99000. When phoning 99000 from Linksys1 , the first extension is ringing , but not the destination extension. Can I know...
  14. Elastix 1.5 and Bandwidth need

    I read that "Elastix witout tears " very well and applied it. But I believe it maybe the Linksys SPA 1001 I did not configure them well . Can anybody give me infos on how to config Linksys SPA 1001 for an extension in Elastix ? Regards Bidjanga
  15. Elastix 1.5 and Bandwidth need

    OK . with one concurrent call , I need a 43 Kbps speed that I do have ; but I still don't understand why my extensions on Elastix 1.6 did not ring last night .I configured them with 2 Linksys SPA 1000 boxes. On the "FreePbX system status window" I saw a 1.5kbps for Eth0 ( Rx ) and a 1 kbps (...