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  1. GUI does not appear after initial login

    Congrats - Welcome to the world of Elastix 2.0 I've got 3 physical and 5 vmware images on an ESX farm running with it - my only challange is the web interface is slow at times or times out but for the most part it seems pretty solid! Vancouver eh? The Canaidan Connection ;o)
  2. GUI does not appear after initial login

    I ran into this during an install and am embarased to admit it's becasue I didn't pay attention... If you are installing 2.0 you will notice that the server reboots and then when Elastix restarts, it asks you questions for passwords for admin / mysql etc. if you skipped this step, then when...
  3. Who should I use for VoIP in Canada?

    I don't usually promote my company but you can give Telix Incorporated based in Ottawa - all of our systems are run on elastix Unlimited North American Calling Plans available.
  4. Multi-Tenant Questions

    i wouldn't recommend thirdlane. We bought 4 licenses and deployed this multi-tenant software for our customer base. We had nothing but difficulties and then I found Elastix. To be honest for the price of 1 Thirdlane license I can by 20 dl380 G3 servers on ebay and install Elastix on each...
  5. Noob Question on Fax

    Tucker; Elastix Without Tears explains how to set this up on your system. We have about 30 inbound virtual fax channels on one of our installations and user Cisco ATA adapters to connect fax machines for outbound fax through VoIP channels with our provider with out a single customer...
  6. Guidance if possible

    Micheal; I have about 30 iPhones, iPads and iTouches working with my elastix installation using the soft client from Acrobits. What kind of help are you looking for specifically? Bob
  7. Unique Challange with External SIP Phone Reg

    thank you for the suggestion, I have found the problem. We were having issues with our thirdlane software before moving over to Elastix. That company suggested using this device: ... proxy.html which turned out to be the problem. we replaced it with a...
  8. Unique Challange with External SIP Phone Reg

    Greetings; We have 3 Elastix Servers up and they all run fantastic. We have however encountered a challange that I cannot seem to find a resolve for - even after scanning all the forums. Server / Version Details / configs Elastix Version: 1.6.2-2 (all 3 servers) Asterisk version: 1.4.32...
  9. Script to configure Gmail as relayhost in postfix

    This worked Awesome! Thanks Bob
  10. Update 1.3.0 > 1.7.1

    Re: Re:Update 1.3.0 > 1.7.1 Dicko; thanks for your help on this. the good news is that for no reason other than strange luck it worked this morning BEFORE i started from scratch. I laughed on the RTFM comment considering that's what I preach to my own customers... sadly what seems...
  11. Update 1.3.0 > 1.7.1

    I ran this command: update cc_ui_authen set pwd_encoded='410fc6268dd3332226de95e42d9efa4046c5463769d7493b85e65cfa5c26362dc2455cc23c0bc5831deb008def4ab11a9eaa9b76ba3f377da134f39ec60dd758' where login='root'; to change the password for root to "password" MySQL returned 1 row matched but...
  12. Update 1.3.0 > 1.7.1

    this worked great except... using root / changepassword I cannot log in. suggestions?
  13. A2Billing 1.6.0 Stable install script for Elastix

    I was able to resolve this by editing the /etc/asterisk/a2billing.conf file and putting this in under database: hostname = localhost port = 5432 user = a2billinguser password = a2billing dbname = mya2billing ;dbtype = postgres dbtype = mysql I am however unable to log in yet.
  14. A2Billing 1.6.0 Stable install script for Elastix

    I have the same issue... :( anybody have suggestions?