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  1. No outgoing calls

    This is the output of scan [root@elastix ~]# dahdi_scan [1] active=yes alarms=OK description=wrtdm Board 1 name=WRTDM/0 manufacturer= devicetype= location= basechan=1 totchans=24 irq=0 type=analog port=1,FXO port=2,FXO port=3,FXO port=4,FXO port=5,FXO port=6,FXO port=7,FXO...
  2. No outgoing calls

    Yup... incoming is working fine, that is the odd thing. Where do i start looking at the trunk ?? newbie this side :)
  3. No outgoing calls

    Hi again, did that.... Zip.... nada... does not pick up the line.
  4. No outgoing calls

    Hi, Thanks for the quick reply.. nope, just dialed this to get an output.... same for the 10 digit numbers.
  5. No outgoing calls

    This is what show when making the call... It does say answered, but it does not even dial... -- Executing [0877452@from-internal:1] Macro("SIP/202-b7623148", "user-callerid|SKIPTTL|") in new stack -- Executing [s@macro-user-callerid:1] Set("SIP/202-b7623148", "AMPUSER=202") in new...
  6. No outgoing calls

    Hi again. Got my Sagoma A200 working partially :) Can receive calls on the fxo ports, but when making outbound calls ... "All circuits are busy".. Any ideas for me please?
  7. Confused.....

    Hi all, I'm confused an need some help please. This is a pretty long post, please bear with me.. I have a PC with a ATCOM AX400P card (2x fxo and 2x fxs) as well as a Sangoma A200 card with only fxo modules. Both cards are listed with the lspci -vvvv ----------- 01:02.0...
  8. Panic blinking on reboot

    OK, did a clean install and everything is fine straight afterward. Did a few reboots, halts, shutdowns, all OK. Now did the hardware detect and problem is back.... ???
  9. Panic blinking on reboot

    LOL, you are right, it does blink.... cute, but how can I figure and fix.. Did a memtest for 4 hrs, nothing.. did other tests.. nothing..
  10. ATCOM AX400P

    Boy, I feel so stupid with linux... this is the result from dahdi hardware... [root@elastix ~]# dahdi_hardware pci:0000:01:03.0 wanpipe- 1923:0040 Sangoma Technologies Corp. A200/Remora FXO/FXS Analog AFT card [root@elastix ~]# This is the output of lspci.. I'd say it is...
  11. Panic blinking on reboot

    Apologies, here a screenshot.. Grrrrrr... OK still not, why do they not show the darn max settings for images... Everytime I attach it the system complains about something else.... Darn, Admins, can you do something about this... MOST IRRITATING !!!!!!
  12. Panic blinking on reboot

    When ever I reboot, the system halts with this weird error message?? what is this and how can I fix it?
  13. Sangoma a200

    Hi again, Using a Sangoma A200 card with 8 fxo ports, I can not make any outgoing calls. just keep getting "all circuits are busy" Did the hardware detection, it finds it fine and shows it as not being in use, Any help appreciated.
  14. ATCOM AX400P

    Thanks, nothing is working... guess the card may be shot...
  15. ATCOM AX400P

    Thanks for the fast reply. when using zttools it returns a "command not found" error ???