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  1. system recording error

    Excuse me but I think that you are being a litle blunt here. As you can see in the posting of farrukhndm the problem was solved and it was NOT a permissions issue. Problem is the empty line in the asterisk.conf that causes a problem in later asterisk versions. Regards, Berend
  2. system recording error

    Please make sure that there are no empty lines (linefeeds) in the asterisk.conf I discovered that the older asterisk version have no problem with empty lines but the newer version do. I solverd my problem in saving recordings bij removing all the empty lines in asterisk.conf See...
  3. connection but no sound at remote extension

    Hi ramoncio, I have forwarded SIP 5060 UDP and RTP 10000 - 20000 UDP and TCP The router brand is Linksys but router OS is DDWRT. Cheers, Berend
  4. connection but no sound at remote extension

    Hi dicko, I have issued rtp debug at the asterisk cli. When making a call no RTP messsages appear. Also in the full log no RTP messages. Verbosity is set to 5. Cheers, Berend
  5. connection but no sound at remote extension

    Allright, I made a dump and opened it in wireshark. There are no RTP streams at all. Wireshark.pcap attached.
  6. *77 (system recordings) CLOSED

    Re:*77 (system recordings) In my case this occurred when I had custom-contexts enabled. Did you check that?
  7. connection but no sound at remote extension

    I have used the rtp debug command at the asterisk cli. But, :blush: where do I find the rtp specific messages. All I get is the usual stuff that us in my asterisk log also but no rtp messages. Is there a specific rtp log?
  8. connection but no sound at remote extension

    Hi When connecting to my elastix server with a remote sip phone I can make connections but no sound is transmitted.. I have configured NAT=yes for the extension and the externalip for the elastix server. All relevant ports are forwarded to the elastix server. When I move my remote extension...
  9. Callcenter no Reconoce trunk

    Please have a look at topic ... 3&id=36335
  10. campaign trunk problem

    There are two files in the attached rar. (Sorry rar does not work here, zip files instead)Rename existing files to something like filename_safe.php. That way you can always go back to the older files if it doesn't work for you. 1. paloSantoTrunks.Class.php =>copy to /var/www/html/libs/ 2...
  11. campaign trunk problem

    You reinstalled just FreePbx And does that work because FreePbx 2.6 changes the tables. I have worked on the PaloSantoTrunks.Class.php and the index Php for setting up campaigns. I have the trunks back in the drop down list now but I am not quite sure this will work. I don't have...
  12. FreePBX 2.6 update / Call Center Module

    FreePbx introduced a new trunks table. Have you solved the problem?
  13. campaign trunk problem

    What FreeBx version are you using? I am using 2.6 and discovered that it has introduced a new trunks table. The the GetTrunks() function in paloSantoTrunkClass.php tries to find trunk information in the globals as shown in the code below. function getTrunks($oDB) { $arrResult = false...
  14. campaign trunk problem

    Same problem here. Have you solved it? If so can you telle me how?
  15. Callcenter no Reconoce trunk

    Same problem here. Used to have trunks but now the trunk list is empty