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  1. Predictive Dialer

    Hi there, I can share my work no problem if you tell me how. The integration we've made with the Sugar was done by editing the dialer as well. WE've actually change it quite a bit so that right now when a call comes in instead of showing caller's info into dialer interface it pop's up a tab...
  2. Multiple campaigns at the same time

    How do I do that ?
  3. Multiple campaigns at the same time

    Hi, I have a similar problem. We run a call center for outbound calls in the States. Problem is States have 5 different time zones starting UTC-5 to UTC-10 in Hawaii. If I dump all numbers in the same campaign no matter where they are located very often it happens to call California and...
  4. Predictive Dialer

    As a matter of fact we did yes. I don't have any progress on the predictive dialing so I would need some help with that if possible. The dialer is automatic instead of predictive. From our experience about 40-50% of the calls get no answer so we lose significant time waiting for the call to...
  5. Predictive Dialer

    Hi there, We are also playing with the predictive dialer and I have to agree with the person before. This seems pretty much to be a auto dialer then predictive dialer. Is there a way to switch between the 2 options? Also I have a few issues. As soon as a call it's over the agent doesn