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  1. Template Email Variables

    I can not find a list of template email variables and I can not figure them out on the server itself. Can someone please give me a list or point me in the right direction has how to find other variables such as {COMPANY_NUMBER_FROM}.
  2. Can't recieve incoming faxes

    My problem turned out I was getting 1 way audio. I had to create and configure sip_nat.conf with my public ip and private network information.
  3. Can't recieve incoming faxes

    I can send local to local faxes and it works. I can send outgoing faxes and it works but when incoming faxes come from outside the Elastix PBX it does not work here is a log from an incoming fax any ideas? [root@at-hq-srv5 log]# cat c000000148 Oct 13 19:23:58.54: [25781]: SESSION BEGIN...
  4. HylaFax - Job time limit exceeded

    Sorry I didn't explain better I have tried that it looks like the lines are commented out. I am using NVFax and I have uncommented the lines and changed the values and does not seem to matter. I have google'd as well I would even be willing to pay someone for the answer to this question.
  5. HylaFax - Job time limit exceeded

    larger faxes time out during the ghostscript process then they fail I want to extend the allowed time.
  6. HylaFax - Job time limit exceeded

    How to I extend the amount of time Hylafax trys to process a job in?
  7. HylaFax Issues

    When I send a fax to a phone number like external address it works fine but if I send a fax from a local extension to another local extension if doesn't work ... The output from the cli is this [root@at-hq-srv5 sendq]# asterisk -vvvvvvr Asterisk 1.4.17, Copyright (C) 1999 - 2007 Digium, Inc...