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    had to Update from 1.6 to 2.5, antihack?

    Hello, we had a trusty Elastix 1.6 working but the PSU decided to quit on us. So i downloaded 2.5 and set it up. But i could not find the Anti-hack module i had seen before in the add ons and cant find how on earth to instal secast on it. This is a small box and i use a couple of remote SIP...
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    To upgrade or not to upgrade from 2.2 via yum.

    Hello Elastix Gurus of the world. We HAD to install a new box with an older release. Elastix elastix-2.2.0-14 due to the new release not liking the second NIC. I dont really know why, but this one worked fine for both the motherboard and NIC. Do to deadlines and users on top of us, we...
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    dahdi don't works after yum update

    add me to the list of boxes with an issue new box, working OpenVox card, working modules, working PSTN lines NOTHING on the CLI when we ring them nothing going out. no other signs of errors.
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    Sip trunk was delivered via alternate ethernet port.. how to

    Hello, asking for suggestions from the Gurus. our cable company (ISP) offered us a deal on a SIP trunk with a bunch of DIDs etc. We say, ok. They came in did some changes on their cisco box, and said " heres your sip trunk on port 2" they gave my a PBX IP and gateway. Then their IP and port...
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    EndPoint Manager for Yealink bug...

    Hello, where how or with whom can i provide a bug report for the Endpoint Manager configurations for YEalink I found it sends the config file with the wrong date/time, it does not grab it from the server, or leave as is, it over writes it wrong. please advice. thanks EDIT... i actually just...
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    call rings, hangsup, rings, hangsup cant pickup

    Hello, dear gurus We have an odd situation happening today with our usually trusty Elastix box Elastix 1.6.2-37 Two of our 4 pstn lines ring, are sent to the receptionist group, the ext, rings, when the girl picksup the call hangsup, and then rings again, and so on, she cannot pick them up...
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    Threat or bug?

    Hello , dear security gurus. Today we started seeing this kind of warnings and code. Could a borrow a quick glance of your experienced minds... Is this a security issue or just some code failing? comments and pointers appreciated. thanks [May 13 11:33:06] WARNING[24787]...
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    al recibir fax genera fichero core. y da error

    Hola Tuviste alguna solucion a tu problema? Ahora el nuestro esta mandando msgs similares. gracias [May 13 11:33:06] WARNING[24787]: pbx.c:6344 ast_context_verify_includes: Context 'outrt-007-7506345' tries to include nonexistent context 'outrt-007-7506345-custom' [May 13...
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    Being attacked eve with firewall?

    I've read them all :) im a big fan of them This new method is "impersonating" a trusted ... i cant call it extension, because it does not fully authenticate. But it shows as the sip port. This box only had 5060 and rtp open. So it is going only thru SIP. Fail2Ban did not catch a thing...
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    Elastix Hacked!

    If you had WWW exposed to the net, its a big "boo boo" Check the asterisk logs, just before the CDR calls starts, see how they logged in. best luck! EDIT, also check for root kits. But if they did change outbounds, i recommend to fresh re install.
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    Being attacked eve with firewall?

    I appreciate your reply. Happy new year. This box does have three remote exts, all other exts have permit/deny settings and all have long alfanumerics passes It also has fail2ban running and does report some attacks. The router only exposes 5060 and rtp on udp. To the PBX This is...
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    External EXTS

    ahh good idea! this could hamper auto-dialers Mr Gutierrez, could you elaborate on this? thanks!
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    Click unembedded, the i believe its under setup administrators.
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    Is the server WWW exposed to the internet? Did you change the embedded freepbx admin pass? Instal fail2ban and CSF, check for rook kits with rkhunter best luck
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    Quick CSF firewall setup

    Dave can you elaborate a bit on this? how can we protect from countries we have no connections from? all pointers are appreciated. thanks