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  1. cambiar la base de datos

    por cierto nota q no todo es en mayuscula y minuscula sino q son alternados y el 2oo7 tiene la letra o de ojo, y no el numero 0
  2. cambiar la base de datos

    por defecto el user y pass de elastix para mysql son los siguientes: user: root pass: eLaStIx.2oo7
  3. Problems with DB on CentOS 5

    try with this commands: /sbin/service mysqld restart /sbin/chkconfig --level 2345 mysqld on
  4. Updating from the 0.9

    yes, you can make yum update and shouldn't have any problem, if after the update yo need install call center module please send another message in the forum because yo need follow another steps.
  5. Provisioning / End Point

    no, now only the atcom, polycom and linksys are supported
  6. How to add a menu option?

    your phpmyadmin must be in the folder /var/www/html then add the menu: -------------------------------- sqlite3 /var/www/db/menu.db -------------------------------- If you want add to the menu extras: -------------------------------- insert into menu values('phpmyadmin', 'extras'...
  7. more optins in monitoring interface

    You have reason dsantiago, before to Elastix 1.0 the module monitoring was slow, but in the last Elastix version this porblem was fixed, now you can see the report without problems, the process could take around 15 seconds. By the way, we will take in consider your suggestions jjidea...
  8. sqlite3 error in centos 5

    Hi Now the package is available in the elastix repos, you can make a yum install php-sqlite3 and this package will be installed. Thanks to you gineta.
  9. Polls / Encuestas

    Now you can help us to make a better Elastix renponding the polls, weekly we publish a new poll with different options, you can response the poll selecting an option in the left panel of the Elastix site just down to the login form. Ahora tu puedes ayudarnos a hacer un mejor Elastix...
  10. How to test my translation

    Hello yuzyin, you must copy your file.lang to /var/www/html/lang then open the path /var/www/html/configs in this directory there is a file named languages.conf.php if you open this file you can see the languages that elastix show to the users choose, at end of the file add your file in your...
  11. Spanish translation (EVERYTHING)

    Re:There are still words an phrases in english Hi Usuarioforum, if you want make a translation to another language you can use any file in the folder /var/www/html/lang, but generally the spanish and english languages are updated. The file that you want use, copy it, and rename to acronyms...
  12. It's recommended yum -y update?

    Yes, the elastix 1.0RC will be upgradable to 1.0 Final release.
  13. Spanish translation (EVERYTHING)

    Hello telecomtechnician: You can change de language in System-> Preferences-> Language then you can choose the language, you can see that the Spanish language is supported already. I can comment to you that the elastix is from Ecuador, by this reason the spanish is supported.
  14. problema con callcenter

    Ya has creado colas desde el PBX??
  15. Translations

    Ok, these errors are being changed now, in the next release you can see the changes. Thank you, chocho.