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    Seems to be a new version brewing elsewhere?

    You are definitely right, the new version of the XML scripts is almost ready and will be soon available for Elastix as well. The lack of resources did not allow us to have more than 2 beta at the same time. Stay tuned. aastra1
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    Visual Message Waiting

    Hi Jim, I suppose that you are talking about the MWI on the Aastra phones, this is the LED on the top right corner of the phone. This MWI is automatically synchronized with Asterisk via a SIP Notify messages, it will blink when you have a new message in your voicemail or if you missed a...
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    Conference number behind sip trunk doesn't works

    Hello appolo, I believe this is a context issue as the meetme application (by default) only accept internal calls (from-internal) so when you call from the Aastra PBX you probably are presented as from-trunk so you get a busy signal. Check which context you are coming from and then modify...
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    Aastra Deamon source code

    Hi Olivier, The daemons are also written in php, the source code is located at /var/www/html/aastra/asterisk. Regards aastra1
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    Aastra XML scripts 2.2.1 now available for Elastix

    dicko is right, it is documented but my question would be "How did you move the DND key?", the right way to do it in order to have the scripts detecting the change is to modify MAC.cfg and reboot the phone, the scripts will then look at MAC.cfg when the phone registers to update the location of...
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    Aastra 57i FW 2.5.3 XML TextMenu crash

    Hi Vincent, Happy to hear that you like the phones and our XML API. Your XML makes the phone crash (I know it should not) because the XML document cannot exceed 10kb and you are sending 10568 bytes. There is a way to reduce the size of a TextMenu by using the "base" tag in the menuItem...
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    6739i XML problems

    The new XML scripts (2.3.0) are not yet available, they are being tested as we speak. ETA for GA is end of March. Regards aastra1
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    Aastra XML and 2 Elastix servers

    The difference between global and per line basis is that if you configure GLOBAL, the 9 line appearances of the phone will use the same SIP parameters. Regards aastra1
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    Aastra XML and 2 Elastix servers

    Unfortunately the XML scripts have been designed only to work with one Asterisk server and a single line, supporting 2 lines or multiple Asterisk servers would be a lot of work. Now regarding the notion of backup proxy on the phones, it works if you have the exact same SIP registration...
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    55i Image logo

    Unfortunately this is Aastra proprietary information... Sorry can't help you. Regards aastra1
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    6739i XML problems

    Hello Olivier, That is interesting, the thing is that the picture file is "cached" in the phone so the phone will retrieve the picture associated to a number only the first time (or after a reboot which cleans the cache). I will try to reproduce your problem. Nothing strange here...
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    6739i XML problems

    Hello there, The XML scripts version 2.3.0 will be compatible with both Asterisk versions (1.4 and 1.6) and it will be automatically detected. This is a firmware enhancement we will do sometimes this year in a firmware release. It will come... Regards aastra1
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    6739i does not respect some administrator options

    Salut Olivier, I will make sure this is fixed in the next firmware (3.0.1), I am pretty sure it is, anyway with 3.0.1 you can override the "Services" key and therefore no more access to the "DND" or "Call Fwd". Same answer pretty sure it is fixed in 3.0.1 Regards aastra1
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    6739i XML problems

    Hello Olivier, Yes the 6739i running 3.0.0 is not yet at the firmware level of a 6757i but it is coming. A new firmware 3.0.1 will be released early February 2010 with a lot of new features. Also you must understand that the XML scripts have not been designed for the 6739i which has a...
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    Voice Mail Led not Blinking

    Hi Olivier, First of all and just to be clear, the LED on the top right of the phone is the MWI and is not controlled by XML but exclusively by SIP and the phone. It indicates a message waiting, any type of message such as voice mail message (via SIP NOTIFY mechanism), missed calls or local...