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Maximize productivity with integrated call center software

Integrated Call Center Software: Maximize Productivity

Elastix’s Call Center software features are included in the PRO and Enterprise Editions and are designed to enhance customer service as well as maximize agents’ productivity. Now you can integrate a wide range of popular CRM systems on the market, allowing you to keep a track of the progress and interactions with your customers. Wallboard, call reporting, statistics and more are just a click away.

Elastix Call Center Reports & Monitoring Tools

Configuring your call center features is no longer a complicated and tedious process. Elastix PRO edition brings you all the necessary tools for monitoring call center activity in real-time, prioritizing employees productivity and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Wallboard for real-time monitoring and agent motivation

  • Detailed reports for call distribution and user activity

  • SLA levels and busy agents

  • Callback functionality for busy customers

Wallboard for real-time monitoring and agent motivation
Queue Administration & Ring Strategies

Queue Administration & Ring Strategies

Elastix Call Center software ensures a high-quality service for your customers while simultaneously enabling your agents to better reach their targets. Check real-time statistics and devise the best strategy to deal with calls so that no customer leaves unsatisfied.

  • Add / Remove agents from queues

  • Call Distribution with round robin

  • Next agent available – Random & Prioritized

  • Callback – calls keep their position in queue

Elastix Advanced Call Center Features

Elastix provides supervisors with all the tools required to help your agents perform at their most optimum level. Check answered calls, abandoned calls and longest waiting calls in real time. If needed, take over or silently listen to a call.

  • Listen in feature allows you to silently listen to a call

  • Boost agents performance during a live call with whisper function

  • Take over a call in case of an emergency with Barge features

Elastix Advanced Call Center Software Features
Call Flow Designer is also included for free with the PRO edition

Queue Administration & Ring Strategies

Call Flow Designer is also included for free with the PRO edition. Easily create complex call flows and voice applications visually, without programming or scripting. Validate a phone number against a database, create phone surveys, launch an automatic outbound dialer, call numbers and distribute to agents and much more.

  • Visually design Call Flows

  • Includes powerful building blocks

  • No programming required – drag and drop

  • Time conditions, variables, loops, database access and more

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