Video calls arrive to Elastix Business Edition

Two months ago we released Elastix Business Edition, in this short time we have increased the functionality of this addon including Chat through SIP, LDAP support and Live Chat. In a webinar coordinated to release this application, Edgar Landivar, CEO of Elastix, announced his intention to include support for video in the following months.

However just a couple of weeks later, Edgar surprised the audience of ElastixWorld when he made a live video call during his speech.

“ElastixWorld in Buenos Aires was the perfect place to release this new functionality for Elastix Business Edition,” said Edgar Landivar. “Although we are still in the development stage we performed a perfect live demo of the video call between the conference room in ElastixWorld and our main office in Guayaquil” he said.

Support for video will be available before the end of November, and all current users of Elastix Business Edition will have an update available.

Companies enrolled in the partner program have access to a demo license at no cost, and integrators have a 50% discount even if they’re not associated with Elastix.

We expect to add more features prior the end of this year, stay tuned to our official news channels.

The Elastix Team