Elastix celebrates its 10 years opening the ECE test for a week

It is known that the test for the ECE certification is linked to the official training course, the program hasn’t allowed so far to take the exam without taking the official ECE course.

However, FOR ONE OCCASION AND BECAUSE OF THE 10 YEARS OF ELASTIX, we will open the ECE test for six days at an attractive price, without taking the formal course. The date to take this online exam will be from Monday 15 to Saturday August 20.

We know that many professionals have waited for this moment because they have been unable to access an official training course near their location. Now, they can take the exam from the comfort of their computers.

All those interested in demonstrating their knowledge on Elastix and applying for this certification may do so during that week. The examination time is two hours and will be available in English and Spanish.

Professionals who currently have an ECE certification and whose validity is fulfilled, may also apply to this opportunity, with a discount of 50% in taking the test. They must provide their certificate number. – Exam fee payment –

Hurry up, we only have 50 places available!

About the Elastix Certification Program. – For more than 7 years Elastix carries out a program of advanced training in telephony and voice over IP that extends beyond the functionality of the distro and includes theoretical and technical concepts allowing thousands of professionals, worldwide, to develop projects and businesses based on the telecommunications industry.

Following the success of the program, the ECE certification has positioned itself as a benchmark for professionals with solid knowledge in implementing telephony projects using Elastix, one of the most popular and complete platforms today.