Elastix Business Edition announced

Next August 8th, we will release Elastix Business Edition, a solution that includes business productivity tools and integration with other systems.

Elastix Business Edition – EBE – will be packaged as an addon, available in the Elastix Marketplace and easy to install in any Elastix 4.

EBE takes advantage of the WebRTC technology built into Elastix 4, including an elegant WebPhone in the user interface as well as an improved contact interface, able to synchronize with systems like Google Contacts, MailChimp, or Dinomi CallCenter.

As websites have become the main point of contact with customers, EBE will embed a LiveChat solution with voice support on the Web interface.

In addition, EBE will allow to monitor the voice quality of each telephony endpoint, a useful tool for an administrator to ensure that the quality of the conversations are optimal. Under EBE, the Endpoint Configurator interface will give you access to many more types of devices currently available in the market.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to monitor connections and register attempts live, this is geographically presented, alerting the administrator of any connections of suspicious origins.


The release price of Elastix Business Edition will be $199 USD per year and the license will be valid for the entire server with 25 users or less. For servers with more than 25 users the price is $499 USD.

ECT/ECE professionals will have 50% discount on a single license. On the other hand, EBE will be free for all Elastix appliances that have been previously registered.

Those interested in this addon can buy it today at a pre-sale with 25% discount.

The Elastix Team