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Using the Built in Switch in IP Phones and VLAN Tagging

Most of modern IP Phones have a built in switch which allow to integrate endpoints and connect a workstation via the PC port on the IP Phone without the need of an extra port as well as minimize the cabling. Using the built in switch along with VLAN Tagging can integrate the endpoints in the current network while still separating the Voice network from the Data network. A workstation can be connected in the default or different VLAN. In the 3CX Management Console you can apply priority options (and matching switch configuration) to the LAN/WAN port and/or PC port in order to instruct the switch to handle real time traffic, such as RTP (voice) over the normal network traffic. Read more

Integrate a CRM with Elastix

In sales, the term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is very common, it’s a vital tool for most enterprises that allows sales executives and tech support follow up and open a client record and call history, which help to achieve improved productivity and to offer an enhanced customer experience, increase sales and retain customers, everything in one place. In a nutshell, with a CRM businesses can handle, administrate and give customer service. What’s more, with a CRM we can know which accounts are the most valuable for the company. Read more

Multiple routes in outbound rules

One of the common questions that some users and partners ask is how the multiple routes in outbound rules works in Elastix 5. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, we have prepared together a brief guide on how to set multiple outbound call routes correctly in Elastix.
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Try Elastix on Linux Debian 9 Stretch

After months of development, the stable version of Debian 9 Stretch was finally released on June 17th.

Some users started facing problems at the moment to install Elastix on Debian 9 due to a dependency error. There’s a simple reason, the repository was created thinking on Debian 8 Jessie and not Debian 9. Some dependencies needed to install the telephony engine powered by 3CX are present in Jessie Main repo but not in the new Stretch repo.
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A New Way to Try out Elastix 5 – Install in Minutes with PBX Express!

Been thinking about trying out Elastix 5? With our new PBX deployment wizard, there’s no excuse not to!

With PBX Express, you can try out the newest version of Elastix and have a fully configured PBX up and running in your own cloud account in no time at all. The wizard works by asking you a few essential questions to generate your basic configuration, and then fires up an instance in one of the supported cloud providers. You can then login to the management console to customize your PBX settings.
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Your PBX Solution: In the Cloud or On-Premise? Part 3

In the previous chapters we analyzed in detail and compared the specifics of on-premise PBX solutions and cloud-based systems.
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Your PBX Solution: In the Cloud or On-Premise? Part 2

PBX in the Cloud

With Cloud solutions, the PBX software resides outside the company and is hosted at a data center or hosting provider. The PBX is thus installed in a remote location and communicates with VoIP phones within the Company and with the public phone network via Internet. In this case every call to the public phone network normally goes through the company’s Internet connectivity. The data connectivity in the company is therefore a key factor in the choice.
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Your PBX: In the Cloud or On-Premise?

As an IT admin or business owner, without any doubt, face some concerns and considerations at the moment to replace the outdated, legacy PBX with a new Unified Communications software-based solution. One of the big questions to answer is “should we go hosted or on-premise?”. In this three-part blog post series, we’re going to go list the requirements, advantages and possible disadvantages of these two deployment options.
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What is an SSL Certificate, CRT and CSR?

In the times of the NSA and Snowden and company, who made us realize even more that the internet is not just a nice place to watch YouTube videos and be safe while doing so, here is what you need to know about an SSL Certificate, CRT and CSR on the top level of the subject.
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