How to integrate Salesforce with Elastix (video included)

Since Elastix is powered by 3CX, it is possible to integrate a wide list of CRMs available on the market. Salesforce is one of them, this integration comes by default with the PRO Edition.
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How is VoIP Security with Elastix? – Bulletproof!

Even when Voice over IP telephony opens up the door to incredible new features while reducing telephone costs, it does the same to VoIP security threats and attacks; while to hack conventional fixed lines you need physical access, is not like that in the All-IP world. So, how is VoIP security with Elastix?
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Your FREE PBX in the Cloud for 1 year! – No ties!

A Free PBX in the Cloud for 1 year? Too good to be truth right? But it is! Just for limited time put your fingerprints on a completely FREE PBX in the Cloud with full and advanced UC features, unlimited extensions, free web conferencing participants and hosting absolutely free, no strings attached!

Also available on-premise on Windows or Linux, virtualized or via a MiniPC, or in the Cloud in your own cloud account. It’s your choice!

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The Elastix ISO has been updated – now based on Debian 9!

The Elastix ISO has been updated to the latest release of its telephony engine, 3CX V15.5 Update 2 and now is based on Debian 9 Stretch, making the PBX even easier to deploy and manage. With this update we have made the PBX and client installation even faster and easier both on premise and in the cloud.
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What is Asterisk and what are the differences with Elastix?

What is Asterisk? Asterisk is an open source software used worldwide with which PCs and servers can be set up as telephone systems. It was developed in 1999 by Mark Spencer to achieve various scenarios for telephone communications.
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Elastix in the Cloud for FREE for 1 year with Google Cloud

Google recently has released an unbelievable offer allowing you to have Elastix in the Cloud for 1 year free of charge in Google Cloud! This are great news for enthusiasts, SOHO users and entrepreneurs who want to have their Unified Communication solution running on the cloud. Along with our FREE Edition you can have a FREE high-performance turnkey PBX and hosted for FREE for 1 year!

Setup takes just a few minutes and you can have as many machines as you want, in your own Google account.
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Get your VoIP Certification with our New Training Videos!

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our training videos of our VoIP Certification Program. Now you can prepare yourself to take the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced certification exams with our new training videos that now reflect the new features of our latest version!
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WebRTC Web Conferencing with Elastix

WebRTC was released as an open source project by Google in 2011, sparking a technology revolution that some consider the next “big thing” for the internet community. Essentially, WebRTC allows the majority of renowned open standard browsers to communicate with each other and exchange audio, video and even data files from peer to peer, as an immediate and effective way to communicate with customers, business partners and remote team members without the need of a plugin or additional downloads.
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Click to Call from Chrome with Elastix

One of the many features of Elastix, as part of a Unified Communications solution, is the integration with the 3CX Click to Call extension for Chrome. This plugin enables you to save time and enjoy a fully integrated communication within your browser, in this case Chrome. With just a click of the mouse you can dial phone numbers directly from a web site, email or contact list trough the desktop client or the web client. Read more

The New Web Client in Elastix

As part of the new features added into the latest version of Elastix powered by 3CX, you can find the 3CX Web Client. With this web client users can manage their calls, transfer calls, elevate a call to a conference and to initiate a web conference using the WebRTC technology on a single and modern user interface. The Web Client is optimized for open standard browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Read more