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WebRTC Web Conferencing with Elastix

WebRTC was released as an open source project by Google in 2011, sparking a technology revolution that some consider the next “big thing” for the internet community. Essentially, WebRTC allows the majority of renowned open standard browsers to communicate with each other and exchange audio, video and even data files from peer to peer, as an immediate and effective way to communicate with customers, business partners and remote team members without the need of a plugin or additional downloads.

Elastix integrate this technology allowing organisations of all shapes and sizes take advantage of video conferencing as an advance and online collaboration tool. Voice calls can be made with crystal clear sound, video, files exchange and real time collaboration. The features included are HD audio and video, sharing screen, chat, whiteboard; improving communications, collaboration and productivity for all participants located anywhere in the world.

WebRTC Web Conferencing with Elastix

Being integrated with Elastix, you can avoid extra monthly costs per user, excessive hardware deployment costs; unlimited users means that you don’t have to share an account of a unprofessional third party service, download any kind of module or deal with unclear installation instructions. 5 simultaneous participants are included within the FREE edition.

WebRTC web conferencing with Elastix, in addition to its rich feature-set and user-friendliness, improves employees’ productivity and collaboration while its WebRTC integration and web-based functionality ensures incredible ease of use. Participants can join without the need to login anywhere and easy setup of ad hoc meetings makes launching conferences a breeze for both participants and organizers.

Opportunities for Resellers that Come with WebRTC – and How to Turn These into Real Business

With WebRTC Web Conferencing with Elastix, resellers will be able to capitalise new revenue streams from selling hardware, such as webcams and headphones, for use with the web conferencing system. Resellers are also able to offer their customers a cutting edge solution without extensive installation time or maintenance and with no separate licensing.

This makes Elastix an even more attractive choice for businesses and organisations and a profitable product for resellers. Consequently, resellers have the opportunity to become a one-stop shop for all of an end user’s communications needs including WebRTC-enabled video conferencing, call centre features and a feature-rich IP PBX.

And this is just the beginning. We can expect WebRTC to become even more adaptable to individual business requirements and needs. Further developments will result in even broader functionalities and better compatibility between components, appliances and applications of different manufacturers and partners. In turn, this will lead to a reduction in the amount of platforms and devices needed and a real simplification of Unified Communications.

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