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Web Conferencing tools: How to set up a poll (with video)

Elastix includes a web conferencing solution part of many other Unified Communications features. It is based on WebRTC, allowing video and audio communication natively from any open standard browser. Today more and more companies of all sizes are using the web conferencing as an advanced collaboration and online meeting tool.

A few years ago, to have a video conference it was necessary to buy specialized devices, commonly known as multi-point or point-to-point, in most cases it was an expensive investment without downward compatibility ending up as low adopted technology.

Today web conferencing is integrated out-of-the-box with Elastix offering multiple features like desktop sharing, real time collaboration sharing documents, classroom mode, user moderation, webmeeting profile, webinar profile, whiteboard, chat and the popular and useful polling feature.

The polling tool is a great way to get responses and gather data regarding a specific topic or when conducting a webinar and you would like to receive feedback from your participants, or during a sales presentation so you can get to know your prospects’ needs or even while hosting a brainstorm session to obtain ideas, votes and suggestions.

How to create a poll inside a Web Conference

Setting up a poll is super easy, we’ve put together a brief video showing how to create a poll, save it in the polling repository, start the poll and then share it or save it once it’s complete.


  1. Click on “Create a new Poll“.
  2. Create a new poll button during a web conference

  3. You will see the poll repository. From there you can create, edit, delete or show a poll. Click on “New” to create a new poll.
  4. Fill in the details like description and polling questions, you can add as many questions and options as you need. Finally click on Save.
  5. Create a new poll during a Web conference

  6. The poll will be added to the polling repository. Form there you can share it with your audience clicking on Sumbit.
  7. The following screen will be shown to all the participants.
  8. Web conferencing tools: Poll

  9. As long as the polling is ongoing the message under the Description will be set to “Waiting for Answers” and will provide a real time summary of your participants’ answers. As soon as all of the participants have replied the message will change to “Polling complete!”.
  10. To stop sharing the poll you can click on the “Stop Sharing” button.
  11. You can share the results with your audience or save the file, this will open a new tab (Please check your pop-up blocker) and from there you can save it as PDF or print it.

As you can see it’s super easy and intuitive, if you have any question let us know in the comment section.

By |January 24th, 2018|0 Comments

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