Try our VoIP Softphone for iOS client and give your productivity a boost

VoIP Softphone for iOS Features & Functionality

Just as our VoIP Softphone for Android offers unrivaled communications on the go, the VoIP Softphone for iOS is much more than a simple app for making calls. To give you a quick look at the various features, and to help our users get well on their way to more efficient communication, we’ve put together this video tour of the VoIP Softphone for iOS.

This app allows users to easily take their office extension with them wherever they go. They can make and receive calls, have instant messaging, check the presence of colleagues, and participate in video conferences exactly as if they were sat at their desk. All of this and more is available right from the palm of your hand.

Take the power of Elastix with you – anywhere, anytime – with the VoIP Softphone for iOS and give your productivity a boost!

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