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Get your VoIP Certification with our New Training Videos!

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our training videos of our VoIP Certification Program. Now you can prepare yourself to take the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced certification exams with our new training videos that now reflect the new features of our latest version!

The VoIP Certification Program was designed and restructured to provide a more productive learning experience. Split in three levels, each tier includes a number of separate modules to help get your first steps as well as move onto more advanced concepts and configuration.

With the Basic level you will learn about 3CX installation, clients, softphones and desktop phones configuration, firewall and SIP trunks. The next level, Intermediate level, explains everything from updates, extension settings and remote extensions to ring groups, IVRs and queues. And with the Advanced level you will be learning about advanced inbound & outbound routing, troubleshooting, security & anti-fraud and bridges.

To get the certification you will have to take a certification exam for each level. This videos, along with our on-location training events and online webinars, are a great way to get all the knowledge to become certified!

VoIP Certification, videos, training events and online webinars are completely FREE. So what are you waiting for? Get your VoIP Certification today!

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