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Edgar Landivar’s Perspective on Elastix – 3CX Changes

As you have probably heard, Elastix is now part of the 3CX family. Up until now, we have heard and read a lot of positive comments and others not-so positive. However, I felt it is important to provide our perspective on the matter.

PaloSanto Solutions, creator of Elastix, had been looking to shift strategic direction towards Cloud PBX and Call Center offerings for quite some time. Over the past few months, we have held discussions with several companies interested in continuing the Elastix on-premise offering while supporting our current partners at the same time. None of the major industry players who today criticize the Elastix/3CX deal, was interested in keeping the Elastix offering.

3CX stepped up to the challenge and expressed its commitment to work hand-in-hand to ensure this is a winning proposition for you, the partner. With the launch of Elastix 5, 3CX/Elastix partners can now sell licences which represent a new revenue stream for you. Additionally, 3CX’s partner program complements Elastix’s strength in Latin America to provide a true worldwide solution. 3CX has even hired a new 5-person team in South America to support existing resellers and customers.

I recognize this is not an easy transition for some of you, and you probably have been selling the value and benefits of Open Source to your customers. In contrast, Elastix 5 has a licensed commercialization scheme which is very different than before. Even so, I ask that you consider Elastix 5 and become a member of 3CX’s reseller program. Your customers will have a future path of migration, solid backing, and support worldwide.

Please be confident that existing Elastix 2.5 and Elastix 4 installations will continue to work in the future, and the repositories are even available for everyone. That is, the Elastix software that you have helped develop through all these years will remain available. However, future software development efforts will shift to Elastix 5 starting immediately.

Resellers and distributors who still hold inventory of Elastix appliances can pre-load them with Elastix 4 or Elastix 5 software, whichever suits the customer best. Palosanto Solutions and 3CX will do their best to be flexible and help you sell your inventory. The future roadmap for hardware appliances is being reviewed, but you should hold off on placing any new purchase orders for inventory. You should expect more definition in early 2017.

Furthermore, our current training courses will not be offered for Elastix 2.5 and Elastix 4.0 any longer. If you have been certified on these distributions in the past, you can still check the validity of your certifications here. A special Elastix 5 training will be provided to partners interested in upgrading their skills. Please let info@elastix.org know that you are interested.

Finally, I am sure you all have many other questions about these changes. I ask that you please contact info@elastix.org with your questions about the 3CX partner program and how you can benefit from these changes.

Best regards,

Edgar Landivar
PaloSanto Solutions

By |December 19th, 2016|9 Comments

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