Elastix FAQs - A note to the Elastix Community following recent announcements

A Note to the Elastix Community

Following the news of Elastix 5, we would like to recap the feedback & questions we received in order to avoid miscommunication. We understand it’s a big change for many Elastix users – we are working to address as many concerns and issues as we can. We have a team on standby to answer any questions you may have, they can be reached at info@elastix.org. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Can i continue to run Elastix 2.5?
Yes, you can. Elastix 2.5 can be downloaded from Sourceforge and the updates continue to be applied from repo.elastix.org and mirror.elastix.org. These servers have now been transitioned as well (they were offline in the last 3 days). Please note that Elastix 2.5 is very old and includes EOL (End of Life) components. Security-wise it’s definitely not best practice to run such old software. At minimum ensure its running in the LAN and completely secured from the internet.

What about Elastix 4?
You can use Elastix 4 as long as you want, although we no longer distribute the ISO or source code of it, because of an alleged GPL infringement . We can not comment on whether this is a valid claim or not, but we have just decided to focus our efforts on Elastix 5, rather than involve ourselves in a legal battle. You can still use Elastix 4 and if you can obtain to source to it (we are not licensed to distribute it) then you can do with it what you want.

What happens to support packages that I have purchased for Elastix 2.5/4?
These will continue to be serviced by Palosanto until their expiry.

What happens to AddOns that i have purchased for Elastix?
These will continue to work, although most probably we will disable purchase of NEW Add Ons at some point.

I am Elastix Certified, what happens now with my certification?
Your Elastix Certification remains valid. However, it would make sense to update your certification and become 3CX certified. 3CX is going to host a free two day training seminar early next year in South America (place to be announced) to which all Elastix Certified Engineers will be invited to attend free of charge.

I would like to upgrade to Elastix 5 – i have less than 25 users. Do i have to pay?
No, most likely the Free 3CX PBX edition will be sufficient for you. This version has all the features required for you to run a PBX, plus integrated video conferencing and free smartphone and desktop clients. All you need to ensure is that you get a professional SIP trunk or VoIP Gateway as your PSTN connection as there is a limitation of one SIP trunk at present. You can download the ISO here and get your free key here and try it out.

I would like to upgrade to Elastix 5 – I have more than 25 users. Do I pay?
Probably a licence fee will be required. However we are ready to work with you to make a special upgrade price and possibly free versions. Please contact us at info@elastix.org and give us some info on your set-up and we will try to work out a special deal for you that will work.

I am an Elastix reseller, what should I do?
We would like to welcome you aboard the 3CX partner program. As a 3CX reseller you will receive free support, free training. Free NFR licence keys. In time you will also get leads and a website listing. The partner program is free of charge and there are no commitments. You can read more here or sign up here.

I have a Digium, Sangoma or OpenVox PSTN card, can i use it with Elastix 5?
Indirectly. You will have to setup your old Elastix install to act as a VoIP Gateway for 3CX. A guide will follow soon. Alternatively move to a SIP trunk or else using a supported VoIP Gateway.

I have a question not listed here, who do I contact?
We have a team on standby to answer any questions you may have. Our team speaks both English and Spanish. Please contact us at info@elastix.org and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

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