El próximo sistema telefónico para su PyME

Your next small business phone system

Most of the world’s business is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, companies with fewer than 250 employees. Included in the SME denomination are the so-called micro-enterprises with less than 10 workers, small enterprises with less than 50 workers and medium-sized enterprises that can reach up to 150 employees.

In Spain and Latin America, according to Demografía de la Empresa Española of the Business School of Navarra, within the SME classification, the number of micro-enterprises can reach 90%, small companies 7.5% and medium enterprises only 1.2%. This means that the majority of companies called SMEs have an average of 10 employees. In the United States, there are 73.5% micro-enterprises, 21.2% small companies and 4.5% medium-sized enterprises.

The world is made up of SMEs

Being at the forefront of a SME is important to select the tools that fit your needs in order to grow your business. Making an investment in Unified Communications technology, your next telephone system, is an indispensable requirement, not only to improve productivity but also to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Today’s workers not only do it remotely: they are mobile, moving regularly from one place to another. This makes Unified Communications more important, especially in SMEs. That is why most SMEs look favorably on web conference, in particular, for their improvement in productivity.

Which factors you must consider when choosing your next small business phone system?

  • Easy Installation & Management: Small businesses need a phone system that doesn’t require dedicated personnel and hardware and that’s easy to use.
  • Price: Not only the purchase price but also the savings in the short, medium and long term. Elastix 5 is free for up to 8 sim calls.
  • Integrated Web Conferencing: With Elastix 5, small businesses can save time and money by hosting virtual meetings and at the same time enjoy face-to-face communication.
  • Mobility: Unified Communications are vital for any small business and need to be integrated in their phone system at no additional cost. Desktop and smartphone clients, presence, chat, fax and voice to email and much more are all included in Elastix 5.

Download Elastix 5 and start using the most secure and feature rich VoIP PBX on the market. The Free Edition includes an 8 Simultaneous Call licence, 5 web conferencing participants and 1 SIP Trunk. We are open to hear your suggestions and feedback.

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