New Addons page

The Elastix Market Place will reach six years in October

2010 was very special year for the Elastix project, the first ElastixWorld was held, Elastix 2.0 was launched and the Elastix Market Place was introduced.

The Market Place was created to encourage third-party developers to create solutions that work with Elastix, and distribute them through the addons module on the Elastix Web GUI. In many cases these new applications extend the functionality of Elastix with features that are not related to telephony, but useful nonetheless, such as video surveillance or access control with RFID.

The process of adding addons capabilities had many challenges, which demanded an additional work for the Elastix team to establish the technical features required for new applications to work together with the solution. The first addons included in the Market Place were the Elastix Call Center module and the Developer module.

Today we release the new Addons website, and we expect to set a new milestone in this project:

If you want to know more about how to publish an addon, please contact us.

The Elastix Team