Migrating Elastix 2.5 to CentOS 7

PaloSanto Solutions launches a campaign to migrate Elastix 2.5 to CentOS 7

In 2006, PaloSanto Solutions created and released Elastix to the world as a distribution of an Asterisk-based IPPBX. What in the chronological scope could imply a short existence, multiplies exponentially in the environment of digital technology and innovation.

After many hours of work and development, Elastix increases the alternatives available for unified communication servers by launching Elastix 3, a multitenancy oriented version which brings other features that under the current structure would not have been possible, such as adding Kamailio. Furthermore, version 2.5 was released, which follows the path of prior versions; and PaloSanto Solutions has accepted the commitment to maintain both versions.

The Elastix development and projects team now faces the challenge to keep both versions updated, and allow the community to have two distributions at hand with support for all current technology.

At this stage, versions 2.X and 2.5 in particular, require a CentOS upgrade to enable enhancements, support for more hardware, and new PHP versions. During the release of Elastix 3 at ElastixWorld Chile, Edgar Landivar took the challenge and invited the community to join this effort.

For this reason we launch a campaign to procure the necessary resources to implement CentOS 7 in Elastix 2.5.

The campaign kicks off today and ends in 60 days.

Those interested in funding this project can do so directly through the campaign’s official website:

Migrating Elastix 2.5 to CentOS 7

Other ways to help include promoting the campaign and spreading the word among members of the IT community in the world, so believe you can always join and do your part.

We hope to be successful and we trust in you all.

Paul Estrella

Chairman, ElastixWorld
CEO, Protodigits