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How to integrate Salesforce with Elastix (video included)

Since Elastix is powered by 3CX, it is possible to integrate a wide list of CRMs available on the market. Salesforce is one of them, this integration comes by default with the PRO Edition.

Integrate Salesforce with Elastix and when a call comes you will see the contact name and a link to the corresponding customer record in your CRM. The integration takes place server side so there’s no need to make any manual configuration or edit config files via command console.

Here we’re going to explain the steps required in order to have this integration working in just a few minutes, we have also prepared a video showing how easy is it. Lets start!

Salesforce Configuration

Before configuring our PBX, first we need to setup the access credentials to Salesforce.
Important: Your Salesforce account must have REST API Enabled

  1. Login to your Salesforce account https://login.salesforce.com/ and click on Setup
  2. Salesforce integration setup

  3. Under “Platform Tools” select “Apps > Apps Manager
  4. Configure a “New Connected App
  5. Enter your Name and Email address and click on Save
  6. Salesforce integration credentials

  7. Navigate to API (Enable OAuth Settings) and tick the “Enable OAuth Settings” option
  8. Set “https://localhost/callback” as Callback URL and grant the following permissions (as shown below):
    Salesforce integration permissions

    • Access and manage your data (api)
    • Access your basic information
    • Access to your unique identifier (openid)
    • Full Access
    • Perform requests on your behalf at any time
    • Provide access to your data via the Web

    and click on Save

  9. Search for your new app inside “Apps > App manager” an clic on View
  10. Salesforce integration Apps

  11. Copy and save for later the “Consumer key” and “Consumer secret” located inside the API section – we’re going to need these for later
  12. Salesforce integration Consumer Key

  13. Now click on “Manage” at the top and “Edit Policies
  14. In the OAuth policies section set “All users may self-authorize” as Permitted Users and click on Save
  15. Salesforce integration policies

  16. Finally, click on your profile image on the top right corner and then Settings
  17. On the side menu select “Reset My Security Token”. You should receive an email with your new Security Token.
  18. Salesforce integration Security Token

PBX Server Side Configuration

The integration of Salesforce with Elastix takes place trough the Management Console, here’s a video showing how to do it and below the instructions:

  1. Login to the Management Console > Settings > CRM Integration > Server Side tab
  2. Click on Add and select Salesforce from the dropdown menu
  3. Fill in the details saved previously from the Salesforce configuration along with the security token received by email and the Username and Password used to connect to your Salesforce account
  4. Click on OK and the integration is complete
By |January 18th, 2018|0 Comments

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