First goal of the year achieved

Elastix complete the crowdfunding campaign to migrate Elastix 2.5 to CentOS 7

Before the end of 2014, Edgar Landivar, CEO of Elastix pledged to migrate Elastix 2.5 to CentOS 7 during ElastixWorld at Santiago de Chile. This offer was made with a special condition: that the community of Elastix participate in the co-financing of the project.

The campaign began immediately on November 6, 2014 and ended on January 5 this year. During 60 days, the community of Elastix answered the call of PaloSanto Solutions and helped raise 133% of what was proposed to start the development work.

The development begins this month and we hope to release a beta the first week of May, and a RC version in June.

We thank all those who helped in the campaign, firstly to those who contributed financially, and secondly, to all who promoted the campaign through various means. Additionally, we would like to give special thanks to the team that kept track of the statistics and worked to maintain active communication in these two months.

The Elastix Team