Elastix splits into two products

In order to have a more comprehensive product portfolio, Elastix has decided to split its distro in two different branches

  • Elastix Multi-Tenant
  • Elastix On-Premise

The Multi-Tenant version is a continuation of what used to be Elastix 3, which is to be renamed Elastix MT 1. Elastix On-Premise is based on branch 2 (Currently Elastix 2.5) and it will continue its versioning name simply as Elastix 4, once the task of migrating Elastix 2.5 to CentOS7 is completed.



Elastix 3, now Elastix MT, began its development as a revolutionary idea, designed with cutting-edge features that make it interesting for Cloud-based VoIP PBX providers. One of the key features of this version is the adding of an embedded SIP Proxy.

Having a SIP Proxy inside Elastix turns Elastix MT into a much higher level solution, besides the fact that having an embedded Proxy in Elastix also serves as the SIP REGISTRAR.

Download both versions at: Download Elastix
The Elastix Team