Elastix launches cloud PBX service

Elastix Cloud PBX is an IP-PBX service in the cloud based on Elastix, which will be available from January 18, 2016.

This service is an alternative to physical implementations which seeks to satisfy a growing market of users for this type of solutions.

The cloud service will be available on demand, with no minimum users requirement at a competitive price of $6 per user per month. More users can be added at any time and the dimensioning as well as the high availability of the solution will be part of the support that Elastix will include on the service.

Elastix Cloud PBX will be based on Elastix version 4 which makes extensive use of WebRTC and Opus. This will allow to add features such as a SIP client embedded in a browser.
Elastix Cloud PBX will be available on January 18, 2016, through Elastix.org

Visit the official website of Elastix Cloud PBX.

The Elastix Team