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Elastix in the Cloud for FREE for 1 year with Google Cloud

Google recently has released an unbelievable offer allowing you to have Elastix in the Cloud for 1 year free of charge in Google Cloud! This are great news for enthusiasts, SOHO users and entrepreneurs who want to have their Unified Communication solution running on the cloud. Along with our FREE Edition you can have a FREE high-performance turnkey PBX and hosted for FREE for 1 year!

Setup takes just a few minutes and you can have as many machines as you want, in your own Google account.

What you need?

  • Gmail Account
  • Credit Card (You won’t be charged after free period ends)

Setting your Account

Go to https://cloud.google.com/ and click on “Console” in the right corner. Then you need to enter your Google account credentials.
Elastix in the Cloud for FREE in Google Cloud Platform

Elastix in the Cloud for FREE in Google Cloud Platform

Elastix in the Cloud for FREE in Google Cloud Platform

Now you have to create a new project:
Elastix in the Cloud for FREE in Google Cloud Platform

Once completed go to “VM Instances” on the left hand navigation panel and click on “Sign up for free trial“.
Elastix oi the Cloud for FREE in Google Cloud Platform

Important note: European customers will be set to Business Account Type even while using for personal purposes. A VAT number is not required during registration.
Elastix in the Cloud for FREE in Google Cloud Platform

Now you will be returned to the VM instance screen and welcomed to spend $300/250€ on gCloud services, also for free.

Board the PBX Express

Now you can board the PBX Express to setup and configure your own PBX instance in your OWN cloud account. For more info read this post.

Final Notes

Trial Quota Limitations

It has to be noted that the trial account comes with some default quota limitations which can be requested to be increased. Alternatively, you can move away from the trial offer and switch to a paid account. For example the free account can max. 1 static public IP to be configured or up to 8 IPs in total which are called “ephemeral”. Ephemeral IPs do not change unless the VM is rebooted or stopped. So it’s best to setup the VM in “dynamic public IP mode” to host more than one instance in a trial account.

Goolge Always Free

Some VMs and services are free of charge in Google’s always free offer, even in paid accounts.

FAQs and Offer Details


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