Elastix Call Center PRO is now DINOMI

The Elastix Call Center PRO had an interesting growth in last year, and we think it is time to have its own name.

The change of brand and name of this solution does not respond solely to a matter of form but improvement in other aspects of its functionality, including its own development resources and the possibility of maintaining a version for small and medium enterprises available as addon in Elastix and a version/distro for Call Center unique implementations.

This release is performed in parallel with the tenth year anniversary of Elastix in the telecommunications market, a distro that pioneered this segment by launching the only open source call center.

Recently, the development team added preview campaigns and an improvement in monitoring campaigns including immediate access to recordings. DINOMI will also add an embedded softphone in the user interface, an internal chat and social networking integration, which will expand the communication functionality of supervisors and agents.

DINOMI will be available in the ADDONS module replacing “Elastix Call Center PRO”. All customers and users of Call Center PRO will continue accessing updates and support in their implementations.

The Elastix team